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Job Title: Mission Manager
ID(s): A681

Description: Candidate will provide mission manager support to deployed systems. Candidate MUST have previous experience providing mission manager support to customer systems and dataflow troubleshooting. Candidate should also be able to effectively task and operate the system to meet collection system requirements. Will perform a value assessment and provide a monthly value assessment report based on provided data analysis and collection reporting trends. The individual will utilize customer enterprise repositories to develop network knowledge and characterization of customer's environment as well as work with system engineers to design, integrate, and deploy additional system capabilities. Coordinating operational activities among customers stakeholders will be a job requirement. Must have an understanding of router protocols, Optical Transport Network (OTN), and SDH. Should be able to identify opportunities for additional signal processing capabilities to align with the customer's strategic collaboration mission. Must be familiar with outputs of metadata, content, tasking, and reporting repository. Must be familiar with telecom systems and communications networks and GOTS and COTS software packages. Should be able to communicate, document, and brief research and findings directly to customer and stakeholders. Intermediate to advanced Microsoft Excel capabilities to include: import of data files, data translation, and pivot tables. Should also be familiar with Linux commands.